Board of Directors

Board and Committees

The Ventas Board of Directors consists of nine members. The Board has five committees: the Audit and Compliance Committee (responsible for independent audits and management controls), the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (responsible for nominating director candidates and corporate governance matters), the Executive Compensation Committee (responsible for establishing financial remuneration and benefits for the Company's executive officers), the Investment Committee (responsible for reviewing the Company's investment/divestiture transactions) and the Executive Committee (responsible for directing selected business affairs of the Company during intervals between general board meetings).

Board of Director Meetings

The Board held a total of six meetings during 2017. In addition, there were five meetings of the Audit Committee, eight meetings of the Compensation Committee, one meeting of the Nominating Committee, one meeting of the Investment Committee and no meetings of the Executive Committee.

Enduring Competitive Advantage – Our Independent and Experienced Board

Our experienced, diverse and independent Board of Directors is an essential element of Ventas’s success. Our board members challenge us to outperform, manage risk and create value for our stakeholders. Their collective strength, engagement and judgment have contributed greatly to Ventas’s excellence, stability and strong performance.

photo of Board of Directors
Debra A. Cafaro
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
James D. Shelton *
Presiding Director
Melody C. Barnes *
Jay M. Gellert *
Matthew J. Lustig *
Roxanne M. Martino *
Walter C. Rakowich *
Robert D. Reed *