& Risk Management

Ventas communicates primarily through SEC reports, press releases, and supplemental disclosures on our website. In addition to complying with the disclosure obligations applicable to public companies, we voluntarily disclose other information that may be of interest, including quarterly supplemental information and recent investor presentations. Our key governance practices established to facilitate effective risk management are described in detail in our Guidelines on Governance.

Our website also provides information about our Board of Directors and its oversight role by reading about our Board members and Board Committee structure, including the charters of the Audit and Compliance, Executive Compensation and Nominating and Corporate Governance committees. Each of the committees exercises oversight related to the risks associated with the particular responsibilities of that committee.

We further promote transparency by inviting stockholders to communicate directly with our Board of Directors by submitting an email to You can also contact our Presiding Director or the independent members of our Board as a group by submitting an email to

All of our employees are required to annually review our key policies, including our Global Anti-Corruption Policy and Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which contains anti-corruption guidelines. We also have periodic mandatory employee training focused on anti-corruption guidelines that are appropriate for our business. We encourage anyone (including employees, contractors, tenants and suppliers) to report in good faith any issues or concerns about potential ethical, legal or regulatory violations, including those regarding our internal controls or our accounting or audit practices, by contacting our Compliance Investigator.

In 2019 and year-to-date 2020, we have not granted waivers of any provisions of our Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and no material breaches of our Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct have occurred that would require the filing of a Form 8-K.

For more information, see our Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and our Global Anti-Corruption Policy.