Executive Compensation

The incentives created by our executive compensation program drive outstanding performance and have contributed to a strong track record of growth, diversification and stockholder value creation.

We encourage stockholders to review the information in our 2020 Proxy Statement for complete details about our compensation program and our commitment to pay-for-performance.

We require our executive officers to own shares of Ventas common stock that have significant value to further align interests with our stockholders. See our Minimum Ownership Guidelines and Proxy Statement for information regarding our executive officers’ equity ownership.

Compensation Philosophy

  • Attract, retain and motivate talented executives
  • Reward performance that meets or exceeds pre-established company and tailored individual goals consistent with our strategic plan, while maintaining alignment with stockholders
  • Provide balanced incentives that discourages excessive risk-taking
  • Retain sufficient flexibility to permit our executive officers to manage risk and adjust appropriately to meet rapidly changing market and business conditions
  • Evaluate performance by balancing consideration of those measures that management can directly and significantly influence with market forces that management cannot control (such as monetary policy and interest rate expectations) but that impact stockholder value
  • Encourage executives to become and remain long-term stockholders of our company (see Minimum Stock Ownership Guidelines)
  • Maintain compensation and corporate governance practices that support our goal of delivering sustained, superior total returns to stockholders